Customer Story:
Erin Hanson, Artist, San Diego, USA

Erin got her brand new CRUSE Scanner installed a few weeks ago. She bought the scanner to do high quality reproductions of her amazing paintings. After a few weeks she already launched her 3D Textured Replicas.

Excerpts from her Blog articles:

Erin Hanson has entered the world of 3D art reproduction with her newest product: Limited Edition 3D Textured Replica.

This incredible fine art print is Erin’s high-tech answer to the growing demand for textured prints. Each replica faithfully duplicates every brush stroke’s color and feel, using cutting-edge, three-dimensional scanning technology and multi-layered printing to capture every aspect of the original painting.

Even the texture of the canvas is captured and reproduced in these replicas!

The Newest Addition to The Erin Hanson Team: Our CRUSE Synchron Table Scanner

When a painting is selected for 3D printing, it must go through a safe and effective scanning process to capture every minute detail – from the painterly brush strokes to the luminous colors. This is done with the latest in 3D-capture technology: the CRUSE Synchron Table Scanner.

The CRUSE design software suite allows us to take all of the image capture information and “stack” the images, creating a textured image that we can see on our computer screens, and then send to a 3D printer for replication. This software allows Erin to pre-qualify the image for accuracy and provides us with the opportunity to use 3D scanning for more in-depth texture and color capture on our 2D fine art prints, as well as on our new 3D Textured Replicas.

[before-after label_one="3D model" label_two="Final color layer"][before-after]

Above: Close-up of white 3D model, and then how it looks with the final color layer applied

3D Scanning and 2D Canvas Prints

We wanted to share an additional, exciting change that is happening here at The Erin Hanson Gallery. Erin is now using the same 3D scanner to add a new dimension of image capture for her 2D canvas prints. These prints already get a fantastic reception – with many of our happy customers sharing that the piece looks like a real oil painting.

Above you can see the greater number of colors that are being captured, as well as the amazing resolution.

The most common thing we hear when people see Erin’s flat canvas prints in person is „Wow – I thought it was a real painting!“

Above is an example of a canvas print that is only printed in 2-dimensions, but as you can see there is a beautiful illusion of texture:

Will 3D printing affect the value of original oil paintings?

As more and more art lovers purchase 2D canvas prints and 3D textured prints of Erin’s work, the original oil paintings will continue to increase in value. Already the price of Erin Hanson’s originals have increased exponentially over the past 15 years, and the value of her original oil paintings will continue to increase as more and more fans of impressionism discover Erin’s work.
If you are a collector of original artwork yourself, you know the value of original paintings. Making high-quality reproductions widely available to art lovers who cannot afford original paintings will only increase the world’s appreciation of fine art, increase the demand for impressionism, and thereby increase the value of Erin Hanson original oil paintings.

Selling prints of an original increases is notoriety and therefore its value. The more people who own a reproduction of a painting, such as Erin’s work „The Path,“ the rarer the original becomes, and the desire and the demand for the original increases radically.